Lately I have been seeing this cute oversized sweater everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. At Target, at TJ Max, in ads on Facebook, pins on Pinterest. Every where I look there it was. sadly, I couldn’t find a pattern to recreate it. Then as always Made for Mermaids came through yet again. The Aspen was introduced to the world. Yes, It is oversized  but it is so cute. Plus all the different options make this pattern a must have for this and upcoming seasons. 

I made a high neck, bell sleeves, banded tunic in a nice medium weight rib knit. This was such a easy and quick sew. I love how cozy this tunic is. And the sleeves are so pretty. This was perfect to take pics in while I was still under the weather. I paired it with some stretch faux leather leggings. I can’t wait to make another one. There are so many different versions I want to try.
This pattern is on sale, so grab while you can at their introductory price. If you like to match with the littles, they have youth and baby sizes as well. Check out their Facebook album to see all the other testers and styles. As always much love and many blessings.  

You can find the pattern here:

Leopard Deanna

I don’t know how I have not made the Deanna dress from Made for Mermaids before. This is such a flattering dress and such a super quick sew.
I used the Fab Clique Fabric Shoppe Leopard French Terry, which was a dream to work with. The dress length with short sleeves was the perfect choice for this fabric.

This dress turned out to be so fierce. I can wear this on it’s on or with leggings or some super cute tights. I did get a little big headed while wearing this dress. Wouldn’t you though? I mean look at it. Any way, much love and many blessings.


Dark Cinnamon Dress

I don’t know if you guys follow my Instagram. If you do you would have seen this cute fall inspired dress that I made 😉. Life happened and I didn’t get to post about  here. Now that I’m feeling better let tell you about my dress. 

I used Knitpop’s gorgeous Dark Cinnamon Rib knit. It’s true to its name. Absolutely perfect for this season. I believe anyone could wear this color and look fabulous.
 I knew I wanted a cold shoulder top. So I decided to use George + Ginger’s Anniversary top but modified. I added a mock turtleneck and a band at the bottom. The outcome was amazing. I love that I can wear this as a dress or top. I’ll make a post later on how I can wear this as top. Don’t you love pieces that you can style in more than one way for a different look each time? 
I hope you enjoyed this quick post. Much love and many blessings.

Leopard Print Palazzo Pants

So I’ve been wanting to make a new pair of palazzo pants, and I wanted to make pair from Pattern for Pirates. I had everything but the fabric for them, but I just wasn’t inspired by anything on hand.

When I saw that Knitpop had restocked their Brown leopard print double brushed polyester, I was inspired. Double brushed polyester is perfect palazzo pants. It has the right amount of stretch and the drape is just right. Plus with it being double brushed means it’s going to be super soft against my skin. The leopard print provided it with a wow yet classy look.

The Palazzo pants pattern does not come with pockets, so I added the pockets from Pattern for Pirates Mama Bear joggers. This very easy to do. You just follow the pocket instruction from the Mama Bear joggers but using the Palazzo pants pattern. After that just follow the palazzo pants instructions.

These pants are super comfortable. It’s like wearing very chic looking pajama bottoms. I decided to pair my favorite Hepburn tank with these pants. I also wore my gold lip earrings. I felt so confident in this outfit. My husband loves it on me as well. I hope you guys find something that inspires you today. Much love and many blessings.



Made for Mermaids just released a new pattern and it’s awesome. The Nevaeh pattern allows you to choose to make either a dress, shorts, Capri or pants romper. It also includes different sleeve lengths and also a cute ruffle detail on two options. They give you different necklines to choose as well. The back gives you this cute little keyhole and tie, so you can get in and out of your romper with ease. The elastic waist is nice and really helps pull this outfit together.

I choose to make the shorts version with short sleeves and a low neckline. For my fabric I choose this cute 2 way stretch mystery fabric from Walmart. This romper is so cute for everyday wear. It’s so comfortable, especially when chasing after my kids. I regret I didn’t add pockets though. Next time, I will definitely remember to do so.

You may have heard that Made for Mermaids have expanded their sizing to be more inclusive of other sizes. Which is so cool. This is their first pattern that has the new sizes. Now you get to see even more gorgeous makes of other sewists. Check out Nevaeh today! The introductory price won’t last long. Please post your makes in the Made for Mermaids Facebook group or tag them on Instagram. I would to see what you come up with.


I’ve been looking for cute mock turtleneck pattern for a while now. I could only find paper patterns for it or kids’ pdf pattern. I tried the biggest size of a kids pdf pattern and it didn’t turn out as I had hoped. So when Pattern for Pirates put out a testing call for a turtle neck pattern, I jumped right in. I mean I’ve been wanting that white turtle neck dress from Basic Instinct for the longest time.

This pattern comes in a top, knee length, and midi length dress. Also is has different sleeve lengths or you can choose to go sleeveless. The neckline has options as well. You can choose between a crew neck, mock turtle neck and an actual turtleneck.

I have made them all, lol. This is one of my favorite patterns. The fit is fitted and I love the split hem detail. This pattern provides you with sexy yet classy silhouette. My favorite options are the sleeveless, mock turtle neck dress. I usually don’t like anything that shows off my bare arms but this dress gave me the confidence to do so. I even hack it to make a backless pants romper.

If you haven’t check out this pattern, please do. It is worth it. This pattern can provide you with that one item that gives you a confidence boost on blue day. Until next time. Much love and many blessings.


Apricot Rulo dress

I wanted to pop on here really quick to show you my outfit of the day/ootd. I used the Fab Clique Shoppe’s Apricot French Terry, which by the way is amazing, to make a Rulo dress. The options I chose were the dress option with the bell sleeves. This turned out to be such a cute dress and it’s perfect for South Florida Fall weather. Talk to you guys later. Much love and many blessings.


Here’s my affiliate link for the Fab clique Shoppe:

George + Ginger Rulo dress link:

Who’s ready for Fall?


So Fall has officially begun. In most states people are wearing their cute sweaters and tall boots. Down here in south Florida that’s not happening soon enough. The weather is still so hot. Like Olaf melting into a puddle hot. We have to dress in cute layers and booties. With that being said, I decided to make some cute hot weather fall clothes.

Patterns for Pirates So Classic dress makes the perfect Fall inspired dress. This pattern calls for woven fabric, I choose cotton, which is one the best fabrics for hot weather. Since it’s natural fiber it allows the fabric to breathe, that way keeping you cooler. I made the button up mini version, with cute wooden buttons. The fit was great and the length is perfect on it on or with some cute leggings or tights. I found my fabric on eBay and it has the perfect color palette for fall.

I also decided to make a matching cardigan. I choose Pattern for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan, with long sleeves and patched pockets. This piece is so so comfortable. The fabric is so soft and fuzzy. The cardigan is perfect to snuggle in. The pockets are the perfect size. I can fit all of my Knick knacks with my pockets looking overstuffed.

Both of these patterns worn together, look so good. If you need a fall inspired outfit to wear apple picking or to the pumpkin patch, look at these two patterns. If you have kids, they have a kids version as well. Perfect for matching outfits 😍.

Types of fabrics

So let’s talk about fabrics.

Throughout the years I have worked with many different kinds of fabrics. When I first started I worked only with cotton woven. I used them to make my kids clothes. It was very easily to work with and my kids loved the prints I found. I made everything from dresses to shirts, shorts to underwear.

After about a year and a half, I decided to try knits. I knew this would be a learning curve for me and I was very intimidated by it. My husband encourage me by getting me a serger to make things a little easier. Once I started it was actually easier than expected. Now knits are my favorite fabrics to work with. I can make outfits much faster and they fit me better.

My favorite knits to work with are double brushed polyester and ponte. I love the flow of double brushed polyester and that you can use this fabric for basically anything. From dresses to leggings, it’s great. Ponte is a double knit and not as flowy. It’s best for more structured outfits or pieces, like pencil skirts or fitted dresses or bottoms even blazers.

I’ve tried other knits and they are nice but they have qualities that I’m not to crazy about. Like rayon spandex and ITY can grow with wear. Cotton Lycra curls which drives me insane. Crush velvet is the devil (I’m serious). Liverpool is very similar to ponte, but has a textured surface. Modal is a dream to work with.

Some companies provide a swatch card with different types of fabric so you can get a feel of what everything is. For me I have to be able to touch fabrics to know what I like and if it works for the project I have in mind. Thanks for coming by. As always much love and many blessings.


You guys may have heard that Made For Mermaids released an awesome new pattern. Just in case you haven’t, it’s called Jade. Jade is available in doll, baby, girls and Women sizes. It’s awesome because it has so many options. First let me tell you about the bodice. You can choose between a tie front or a scoop neck. If you really want to change it up there’s a hack for it to be a halter. The bottom has many options as well. You can decide between a peplum, a mini dress, dress, shorts or pants. I have made four amazing outfits from this one pattern. Plus I forgot to mention above that it has pockets!!!! Get this pattern while it’s on sale.